Central Valley Intergroup
1024 "J" Street, #428
Modesto, CA  95354
24 Hour Hotline: 209-572-2970
Office Hours:  Noon-5:00pm M-F, Except Holidays

The Central Valley Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous is a service office that involves a partnership among the groups in Stanislaus County, Merced County, and the surrounding community -- just as AA groups themselves are partnerships of individuals.

CVI exists to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers and was established to carry out certain functions common to all the groups--functions which are best handled by a centralized office.

Some of these are:

AA Hotline and Inquiries:  We provide a listing in the telephone directory and receive inquires for help.  We refer callers to AA Groups, or if immediate help is required, we have a twelve stepper call them.  The hotline is staffed by AA volunteers and open to any AA member wanting to be of service. If you would like more info on hotline service and/or working at the CVI Office, contact Hotline Info at our mail page .

Office Facilities and Hours: The CVI Office is located in the 4th floor of the Beaty Building in downtown Modesto.  The office address is 1024 "J" Street - Suite #428, Modesto, CA. Hours are Noon - 5:00pm on Monday - Friday, except holidays. AA member volunteers staff the office, so please call 572-2970 to make sure someone will be at the office when you arrive.


Literature: AA Literature is available for sale through the office.  Contact our mail page and choose Literature to request more info.

Meeting Lists: Meeting lists are available on-line here or you may pick one up at the office or a local meeting.

Events: CVI historically has had three events annually. All of these events are centered on a main AA speaker meeting but are all unique. Contact CVIAA Events Coordinator, at our mail page for information on any of our events.

  • Legacy Day (normally in June or July) celebrates unity, recovery, and service.
  • The Good Old-timers Meeting (normally in September or October) celebrates any person who has 20+ years of continuous sobriety in AA.
  • The New Year's Eve Dinner, Speaker Meeting, Dance is our way of ringing in a sober new year.

C-Vine Newsletter: Our C-Vine Editor assembles a newsletter approximately every month or two. The newsletter is designed to inform the groups and members of upcoming events, to inform the members of service positions that are open, to challenge and inform our members of issues dealing with Alcoholics Anonymous and the disease of alcoholism, and to sometimes even provide a little Rule 62 humor.

CVI Website: The website is created and maintained by the Intergroup, and provides AA members with a wealth of information including: the meeting schedule of the groups in the area, maps to all of these meetings, information on all CVI and AA activities and services, phone numbers for the Hotline, links to enable anyone to e-mail the Webmaster or Hotline Coordinator with questions of any kind (including group meeting updates), a listing of all AA and Grapevine Literature available through CVI and AA, and a links page to all things AA.  Inquiries or comments concerning the website can be addressed to Ian R. by going to our mail page and choose Web Servant.

Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community: Public Information (PI) provides information on the AA program to the general public, and to the media at large. Members may show an AA conference approved video, talk about the twelve steps and twelve traditions, discuss what the public might expect if they attend an AA meeting, or staff an AA information booth at health fairs and community festivals. PI also facilitates public service announcements through newspapers, radio, and TV. When members Cooperate with the Professional Community (CPC), they might provide doctors with AA literature, or appear at their professional conferences. When they help the professional community understand what our AA program is and what it accomplishes, the professionals can then help those still suffering from alcoholism--through education, counseling, treatment, and possible referral to us.

  • Stanislaus County PI/CPC Committee, call Christina D at 209-408-3532 or go to our mail page and chose PI/CPC (Public Information) to request info.

Beaty Building     CVIAA Office in the Beaty Building
Photos of the Beaty Building and entrance to the CVIAA Office